What is Important to Know

  • June 03, 2021
  • Wendy Levin-Shaw, LCSW

I play ocean waves
To block out sounds
As I try to meditate.

I recall listening to
The same rich rhythm
Of waves
10 months ago
When confined to our home
To avoid the virus.

So much has happened
During these 10 months.
Too much to consider
Before sitting to meditate.

Oh if I could respond more gently,
Breathe more slowly,
I would weather this better.
I would not feel the intensity
Of pushes and pulls:
So much that touches me:
Thanks to the Internet.

Thanks to the Internet?
I wonder.
Is it any more difficult
To achieve a calm balance
Than it was years ago
When all we knew
Was what we sensed
Or heard
By word-of-mouth?

What is important to know
To let in
To this finely tuned organism?
Is important to know?

Wendy Levin-Shaw, LCSW
WPFC Faculty Member

2 Replies to “What is Important to Know”

  1. I made a decision a year ago to access news only for a specific period of times each morning and to limit what I see on social media. I try to be cautious though about avoiding anxiety completely. I try to thoughtfully choose when to go towards anxiety. Your post resonated with me because of the experience of my efforts. Thank you.

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