Thank you for attending the 42nd Annual Fall Conference!

The 42nd Annual conference explored applying family systems theory in a conventional world. Dr. Murray Bowen wrote: “Throughout history there has been a lag time between the time a scientific idea is introduced and the time it is finally accepted by society. The lag time is universal. It has extended itself for centuries or it may be compressed into a few decades. The reasons behind this are difficult to define. There are differences about the nature of science, and what qualifies as a science, and the way generally accepted facts are finally accepted into what is known as science. ” (Bowen, M. The Quarterly. Vol. 1(1)1986

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Dec 17 2021

The Bowen Theory Academy Webcast Series

The monthly webcast lectures feature Michael Kerr, M.D. Director or Kathleen Kerr, MSN, MA, CNS.  The monthly 90-minute webcasts are transmitted live from the Bowen Theory Academy (Islesboro, ME) via Zoom.

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