Dec 6 2019

40th Pittsburgh Family Systems Conference & Symposium

We are surrounded by converging societal concerns. Increasing scapegoating of groups and individuals, environmental degradation, coarse social and political discourse, identity politics and increasingly powerful social media effects, to name just a few, pose threats to individual, family, societal and species comfort, safety, and survival.

How do we move beyond polarization to constructive action?

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About WPFC

Founded in September, 1985. the Western Pennsylvania Family Center is a private, non-profit educational organization.

The Western Pennsylvania Family Center (WPFC) is a non-profit educational organization [501(c)(3)], founded in September 1985 for the purpose of working with motivated individuals to improve their own functioning in—as well as the functioning of—their families, organizations, and communities, those human systems seeking to engage in life-affirming, harm-reducing behaviors across multiple generations. Toward that end, we utilize and teach a particular set of principles and practices derived from Murray Bowen’s family systems theory. Those principles and practices offer a means of learning to see, more objectively, the human systems we are each inextricably part of, even as we learn to manage ourselves as individuals for our own personal good and for the good of the larger systems to which we each belong, whether family, organization, or community.

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