How do we manage self responsibly and intentionally in the context of emotional triangles? 

Join us on October 14 and 15 for the 43rd Annual Pittsburgh Family Systems Conference and Symposium. The main focus of this year’s conference and symposium will be the emotional triangle, one of the most useful contributions of family systems theory in the effort to understand behavior and facilitate change.

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Oct 14 2022

Annual Fall Conference & Symposium

Managing self responsibly and intentionally in the context of emotional triangles will be a theme of this year’s keynote presentations by Laurie Lassiter, MSW PhD.  Dr. Lassiter works as a clinician in private practice and has authored several articles on Bowen theory, including “The Regulatory Function of the Triangle,” published in Peter Titelman’s book on Triangles. In two separate talks, Dr. Lassiter will address the obstacles people experience in the effort to be more regulated by self and less by the automatic emotional pressures of the triangle.

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