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The current pandemic has been an ongoing part of the world for over a year with profound and variable impact on individuals, families, communities, and societies. While the introduction of vaccines provides a way to put COVID -19 behind us, questions remain.  What is required for families and societies to adapt successfully to ensure survival of the human species, other natural systems, and the planet?

This conference will explore human adaptation through the lens of Bowen Family Systems Theory.  We will focus on adaptation at the societal level in the morning and family adaptation in the afternoon. Bowen theory views the human as a biological organism, governed largely by instinctual and automatic forces. The theory also considers a counter-balancing instinct that is also built in: the capacity to think, plan, and operate on principle. In other words, going beyond the automatic to act with intention while maintaining contact with important relationships.

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May 21 2021

The Bowen Theory Academy Webcast Series

The monthly webcast lectures feature Michael Kerr, M.D. Director or Kathleen Kerr, MSN, MA, CNS.


Send an email to ( confirming that you have paid $25 to register; indicate whether you wish to receive the link to the live webcast or the recorded lecture, no later than 5 pm the day before the Webcast.

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