Continued Study :  Application of Bowen Theory to One’s Own Family System


Instructor: Cynthia Larkby, PhD, Faculty Director, WPFC

Location:  Online meeting via ZOOM

Proposed dates:  January – June 2022:  

1/26/22,   2/23/22,   3/23/22,   4/27/22,   5/25/22,   6/22/22

Time: Meeting schedule (day or evening) will be agreed upon by participants and instructor

Fee: $240.00 – Once the pre-qualification process is completed, you’ll be emailed an invoice to pay the tuition fee. Payment plans are available as needed.

If you’d like to inquire about financial assistance through the WPFC Scholarship fund, please send an email to for more details.

Eligibility: One or more years of study in the WPFC Basic Seminar,  or the equivalent through other training or consultation, with permission of instructor.  Applicants should contact Dr. Larkby directly (  to confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria and to arrange an individual meeting (via Zoom) with her to outline their goals for the seminar and review seminar procedures.

Description: How does one become more objective about the functioning of self and family? This seminar is for individuals who want to further their understanding of the core concepts of Bowen theory through application of these concepts to their multigenerational family system. Students will define a topic or question for exploration through the seminar. Two seminar participants will present per meeting; presentations will be limited to 20 minutes to allow up to 25 minutes for questions and discussion.  Presenters are expected to prepare a brief overview of the material to be presented along with specific discussion questions for distribution to seminar members one week in advance of each meeting. Suggested readings and other resources may also be included. Each meeting will include a faculty presentation.

If interested in joining the Continued Study seminar, please send an email to