Presenter Agreement

2024 Annual Spring Conference

Signing the Presenter Agreement is a requirement for each conference presenter. The  presenter will have an opportunity to modify the presentation before the PowerPoint is  posted for access by attendees and future interested individuals. The conference organizers will  provide the timeline and process for submitting any changes.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
between the  Western Pennsylvania Family Center, hereinafter referred to as “WPFC” and
hereinafter referred to as “Presenter”.

WPFC is a nonprofit organization and primary resource for education, consultation, and research in the basic concepts of Bowen Family Systems Theory, a theory of human behavior.

On June 21, 2024, WPFC will conduct an online conference, Attachment Theory and Bowen theory: What Difference do the Differences Make?

The online conference will feature speakers who will give presentations exploring Attachment Theory and Bowen Theory.

Presenter will be one of the speakers at the conference giving a presentation recorded by one or more of the following methods: audio, video, photographic, printed  material, PowerPoint, flash drive, DVD, and other electronic means, hereinafter referred to as  “Information”.

The parties desire to enter into a limited license agreement for WPFC to use Presenter’s Information  under the terms and conditions contained herein.

In consideration of the mutual promises and undertakings contained herein, the parties intending to be  legally bound due hereby agree as follows:

1. Presenter grants to WPFC a non-exclusive royalty free license to use Presenter's Information for educational and research purposes in furtherance of its mission.

2. Presenter grants WPFC the right to reproduce, market, and distribute the Information including editing the Information for non-profit educational and research uses internally within WPFC and outside of WPFC to other educational institutions and other institutions and professional publications.

3. Presenter does not grant WPFC the right to use the Information for mass marketing and sale to the public.

4. Presenter grants WPFC the right to sell and/or rent reproductions of the Information, limited to uses set forth in paragraph 2 above, as a source of revenue to support the non-profit mission of WPFC and not for sale to the public.

5. Presenter reserves the right to edit the content of the Information prior to reproduction and distribution by WPFC, and to preclude reproduction and distribution of the Information by WPFC.

6. Presenter reserves the right to exclude from reproduction and distribution personal information about Presenter contained in the licensed Information.

7. Presenter agrees to make available all presentation material including the Information to registrants of the conference in accordance with the following provisions:

a. Registrants to the conference can attend in person, online in real time via a Zoom link provided by WPFC, or by viewing a recording of the Zoom presentation after the conference.

1. A recording of the Zoom presentation will be available to all registrants to view on demand for a period of thirty (30) days after the date the conference ends.

2. Registrants who attend the conference in person, in real time online, or who view a recording of the Zoom presentation pay the same conference fee.

3. Any changes Presenter elects to make to the PowerPoint Information for purposes of confidentiality shall be made prior to availability of the Information for reproduction and distribution.

4. The registrants who view a recording of the Zoom presentation and are requesting continuing education credits must pass an after-viewing test to confirm the recording was completely viewed.

b. A recording of the Zoom presentation will be available to non-registrants based on the following terms:

1. The recording will be available for rent or sale by WPFC for educational purposes only.

2. The recording is subject to editing by the presenter to make changes to the recording within the discretion of the presenter.

8. The term of this Agreement shall be ongoing.

9. Presenter agrees that it will release WPFC from any fines, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, and actions of any kind arising or growing out of or otherwise resulting from dissemination, distribution, display, reproduction, production, publication, or showing of Presenter’s Information.

10.This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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