Basic Seminar Application

The deadline for application submissions has been extended to September 29, 2023.

Once you've submitted your application, please email the course organizer, Cynthia Larkby, PhD, ACSW ( to confirm your submission and move forward with the interview process.

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Professional Affiliation

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Professional Experience

Please describe any current or past experiences you have had working professionally with families, groups, organizations, or other human systems.

Educational Experience

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Prior Study of Bowen Family Systems Theory

Basic Concepts in Systems Theory

Even if you have never formally studied family systems theory, you likely already know something about it by virtue of belonging to a family and, at times, observing how you and others function in emotionally significant groups. Please share your thoughts in answer to the following questions:

Learning Goals

Family System Information

Understanding systems theory begins with understanding our own families, even if we intend to apply the theory in our work with other families, groups, or organizations. As part of each course, you will be asked to study your own family. To begin that process, please answer the following questions?
NOTE: If you would like to include a family diagram with your written description, you may scan and upload it as an attachment.
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Potential Course Impact

Systems thinking can be a very different way of understanding human behavior. Some find that learning to think within a systems framework raises anxiety or emotional reactivity, whether within self or within others in our personal or professional lives.