Basic Seminar

in Bowen Theory




Course Organizer: N. Michel Landaiche, III, PhD
Course Instructors: WPFC faculty
Location: WPFC – Main building
Dates: Mid-September 2020 to early April 2021
Time: Tuesdays, 5:00 to 8:00 pm
CEUs: None for the seminar itself, though available with the other WPFC offerings include in the tuition fee

Basic Seminar Application 2020-2021

Continued Basic Seminar Application 2020-2021

Tuition fee: $1,750.00, which also covers attendance at the 2020 Pittsburgh Family Systems Conference & Symposium, the 2020-21 Lecture Series on Bowen Theory, and the 2020-21 Application of Bowen Theory Series.

*Payment plans are available, please contact WPFC’s Office Administrator for more information: (412) 362-2296 –

The Basic Seminar in Bowen Theory is a seven-month intensive forum for learning and studying the basic ideas and concepts of Bowen family systems theory. Participants may enroll for successive years if they wish. The curriculum is designed both for those new to the theory and for those who have been studying it for longer. Consistent with Bowen theory, the emphasis in the seminar is on self-learning through didactic presentations by faculty, personal reading and writing, accessing audio-visual resources, and applying the theory by studying one’s own relationship system—family, workplace, or community.


Registration: Each year the seminar accepts between 4 and 7 learners.

Those taking the seminar for the first time will submit their application to, to be completed and submitted any time before August 1, 2020.  Then, after meeting with the course organizer, the nonrefundable $100 application fee is due before August 15, 2020, to reserve a place in the seminar.  That application fee is applied toward tuition, with payment of the tuition balance arranged with the WPFC office.

Learners who have taken the seminar before need not pay the nonrefundable $100 application fee but instead must complete an application form, due by August 15, 2020, and must make payment arrangements with the WPFC office ( / (412) 362-2295) by August 15, 2020, to reserve their place in the seminar.


Cancellation and Early Course Withdrawal Policy: Cancelling enrollment in or withdrawing early from the Basic Seminar must be communicated in writing to the WPFC main office. Cancellations submitted prior to the start of the seminar will result only in forfeiture of the nonrefundable application deposit. Notice given of early withdrawal within the first six weeks of the seminar will result in a prorated refund of the tuition fee based on the remaining twenty weeks of the seminar minus a 20% administrative fee. Participants withdrawing after the six-week “drop period” will not receive a refund.

 Amounts to be refunded to or still to be paid by the participant will depend on whether the full tuition fee was paid up front or whether other payment arrangements were made. For example, participants in the Basic Seminar who withdraw within the first six weeks—mid-September into October—will be required to pay $673, which reflects a prorated tuition fee covering the first six weeks of the seminar ($404) plus a 20% administrative fee based on the balance of the tuition fee for the remaining 20 weeks ($269). Participants who give notice of early withdrawal within the first six weeks and who have already paid more than $673 will be refunded that overage.